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Pure Kush

OG type Pure Kush

Pure Kush
Aliases: TCPK aka Topanga Canyon Pure Kush aka 91 Hollywood Pure Kush aka Malibu Pure Kush aka Lucky Charms Pure Kush aka PK Ripper aka Legendary Pure Kush
Breeder: Unknown
Genetics: Unknown
Type: Indica Dominant
Flower Time: 70 – 77 days
Yield: Low to Moderate
Difficulty: Expert
Description: Lime flavored OG and lucky charms marshmellow buds. Super lanky, stretchy plant with a moderate yield. Buds are mostly dense, loud and potent.
Backstory: Pure Kush has been around in Northern Orange County & Southern LA since about 1996/97.
Tips: The more tops she has the less stretch. Rooting her is difficult and can take 3-4 weeks. Root system grows slowly and benefits from a dryer medium

All of the “Pure Kush”, mentioned by alias above, used to be one elite clone only however today there are multiple cuts being passed. Summaries of them are below.

  • TCPK aka Topanga Canyon Pure Kush – Appears to be a monster sized, huge yielding super dank strain with a super buzz and lime flavored buds that lack marshmellow flavor but is more “sweet” or “candy” in flavor.
  • 91 Hollywood Pure Kush – A moderate sized plant with super glossy leaves with a more og, lime flavor to it.
  • Malibu Pure Kush – I have not grown it or smoked it yet I dont think?
  • Lucky Charms Pure Kush – A small yielding, loud, marshmellow aroma. Super dank. Tall, lanky.

Pure OG Kush
Aliases: LAPK aka LA Pure Kush aka Los Angeles Pure Kush aka SoCal Pure Kush
Breeder: Unknown
Source: Elkslayer > Nspecta > thaDocta > c0ast > DocGreenStone
Genetics: Unknown
Type: Indica Dominant
Flower Time: ~70 days
Yield: Low to Moderate
Difficulty: Expert
Description: Flavor is straight OG, no fuel, no lemon but much louder than most OGs. Tall, lanky with small to medium sized buds. The buzz is very intense with mixed body and head effects.
Backstory: VERY few people hold this cut. It is highly probable that this cut was sourced from an Orange County grower in 2005. Nspecta acquired the cut from him and shared it with thaDocta. It is very possible that c0ast acquired the cut from thaDocta while working with him in 2011. Coast then shared the cut with DocGreenStone’s collective in late 2011/early 2012 in NorCal.

Bubba Kush type Pure Kush

LA Pure Kush / Puss Kush
Aliases: LAPK aka LA Pure Kush aka Los Angeles Pure Kush aka Puss Kush aka Pussy Kush aka DHK cut of Pure Kush
Breeder: Unknown
Genetics: Unknown
Type: Indica Dominant
Flower Time: 60-70 days; 70 days preferably
Yield: Low
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Flavor is a fruity sweet (like candy) on top of earthy hash and has been described as a “kushy fruity pebbles”. Clones really easy but grows painfully slow. Not much stretch in flower. Where Bubba Kush is a great knock out stone the LAPK/Puss is a great daytime kush.
Backstory: Pure Kush has been around in Northern Orange County & Southern LA since about 1996/97. LA Pure Kush comes out of LA, from howsitgrown who had the cut on lock for a long time. After howsitgrown shared cuts with some people it started being called Puss Kush by OG (Outdoor Grower).
Origin of the “Puss” name: Another story of the origin of the name is: This guy Disco, from LA, sent the Puss Kush to IDD. Disco was told it was Puss Kush and the guy he got it from said he named it but it was really the guys uncle and his friends who named it that. The guy called it Puss Kush because he did not know what the “P” stood for. The guy Disco got his cut from got it from a guy who has had it since 1996.

Sugenite’s Pure Kush 
Aliases: “Sugenite’s Pure Kush” aka “Suge Pure Kush” aka “Suge PK” aka “Piss Kush”
Breeder: Unknown
Genetics: Probably Pure Kush x Orgnkids purple Bubble Kush pheno
Type: Indica
Flower Time: ~70 days
Yield: Moderate
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Description: A short, stocky, fat leafed afghani type plant that turns purple in late flower. The flavor is a dark peppery, earthy kush with a strong incense background.
Backstory: Sugenite claims that he got his cut labeled as PK from “the old man” and his Asian friends in downtown Los Angeles, CA in 2004. In 2005 he claimed that “it might be a pk kush or different version of Bubba… it didn’t come labeled… but it definitely has OG in it” and then in 2006 he said he “was able to verify “pk” meant “Pure Kush” with the Asians”. And he claims that he thought it was Pure Kush himself because he remembered smoking Pure Kush back in 2000. It is highly likely that Sugenite is lying about his cut being a Pure Kush.
NSpecta said that first Suge thought his cut was Bubba Kush and labeled his pix as such, then he started calling it Piss Kush, then Purple Kush and finally settled on Pure Kush. Sugenite is known to be liar and a game player. For instance he sent Swerve cuts of Pure Kush but then later chimed in on Swerve’s thread to say he actually sent him a hybrid (pure kush x leopard kush) and not the real PK. He said this because Swerve decided to sell/trade/gift the strain and Suge did not appreciate it.


Author: Doc Greenstone

Bandaide Haze

Bandaid Haze – Bodhi’s Cut
: Bodhi (intentional breeding project)
Source: Bodhi > Doc D > DocGreenStone
Genetics: Cuban Black Haze x (a5/thai x Mirakel)
Type: Sativa
Flower Time: 100 days
Yield: Average
Difficulty: Expert
Backstory: There were these seeds that came from this Spanish grower in South Holland, Ronni aka Ronaldo, who was part of the “A5 crew”, who had a Thai pollinate his room. “a5” is shorthand for ‘nl5 x haze A’ different from her sister “c5”, or ‘nl5 x haze C’. These seeds were sent to e.T., who then shared some with Bodhi. Bodhi germinated them in early 2013 and all he got was one male (a5Haze x Mirakel). He doesn’t normally keep males if there are no females to evaluate but he used it anyway to pollinate the Cuban Black Haze cut that he had. The strain was referred to as Piff by Bodhi initially. The beans were shared almost exclusively with Doc D, who after running them selected the Piff #7 and shared a cut of it back with Bodhi. Bodhi had it tested and it came back in the high 20’s. Bodhi and Doc D shared cuts with other forum members here in late 2014 and after some discussion most of us agree that it is actually better than Cuban Black Haze and it also has a shorter flower time (100 days). Everyone, Bodhi, Doc D, e.T and everyone else, refer to this cut now as “Bandaid Haze”. Bodhi coined the term because, “it heals all wounds”.

Author: Doc Greenstone

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Sannies obsession with growing began 25 years ago. After he, like most of us, started with outdoor growing he immediately fell in love with the cannabis plant. Shortly after that he tried his hand at indoor growing. An entirely different experience that gave him a feeling of ultimate control over the growing process. He soon started reading everything there was to know about the sacred plant. Putting the newly acquired information to good use made Sannie one of the most respected allround growers in the Netherlands.


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Compound Genetics

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